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Projects – Naples Sabot Repair

Gresham Marine does complete boat repair and restoration. Broken or damaged wood or fiberglass is repaired at our shop in Signal Hill.  Below shows a mast partner that was damaged while being towed. A major portion of the forward thwart needed to be rebuilt.

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Naples Sabot repair
Repairing a Naples Sabot after the mast partner was damages during towing.


This Naples Sabot was damaged during towing and the mast partner needed to be rebuilding
The plywood underneath the had to be completely replaced and re-epoxied to mast partner


Repair of a Naples Sabot
The clamping process requires evenly clamping the new stiffener wood underneath the mast partner.


Clamping the new support for the mast partner in a Naples Sabot which was damaged
Another shot of clamping the new plywood stiffener.

Next step will be additional fiberglass work and gel coating.

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