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Lido 4323 Complete Restoration

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Lido 14 restoration
Lido 14 #5132 came into Gresham Marine in good, but years of neglected. Owner wanted a complete restoration as he was taking it to Colorado to sail on the lake in front of his home.


       Gresham Marine performed the following work was done to this Lido:

        • Bottom faring, primed, wet sand and new AwlGrip paint and waterline stripe
        • Deck repair, priming, and new AwlGrip paint. A red stripe was added per owner’s request
        • Inside of the boat was grinded and repaired and new Zolatone spatter paint.
        • New centerboard trunk stiffeners
        • Centerboard trunk wood supports were re-fiber glassed for strength and gel coated
        • New jib cleats brackets
        • All wood reconditioned
        • New rub rail
        • New rail stiffeners
        • All new rope rigging, new shrouds & forestay, internal 3:1 outhaul , new mast wrap, and new traveler


Lido 14 restoration
Bottom was faired and all cracks and all dips and spider cracks were eliminated.


Lido 14 restoration
Boat was masked off and hull sprayed gray and red water line stripe was sprayed.


Lido 14 complete restoration
Finished bottom with new red stripe.


Lido 14 restoration
Now time for decks and seats. Deck and seats were repaired primed and painted with Awlgrip. Seats were cracked and inspection ports were installed to allow fiber glassing and repair on the inside.



Lido 14 restoration
Rub rail was damaged and completely replaced. Here is a sample of the new rub rail going on.


Lido 14 complete restoration
Here’s the finished boat.  The owner wanted everything done on the boat, mast and boom anodized black, all rigging replaced, new shrouds, blacks, and cleats, centerboard stiffener, new jib cleats internal outhaul.


Lido 14 complete restoration
Lido 14 complete restoration


Lido 14 complete restoration
Before and after. A completely different boat.


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Before and after
A very happy owner leaving Gresham Marine with his newly restored boat.

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