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Projects – Sabot Restoration

1972 Mel Craft Naples Sabot Restoration

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This special Sabot came in need of a complete restoration. It has been a great sailing boat, but after 50 years, it was in need of a complete restoration. Boats coming into Gresham Marine get the attention the need to be the boat they once were. 

This Naples Sabot started with a complete inside sandblasting, as the original paint was completely  worn off. Next was to glass in floorboard stringers.


As there was no hiking straps support, blocks to attach hiking straps were glassed in.



The original Mel Craft center thwart supports floated on the side of the hull and provided little support. At Gresham Marine we cut new teak thwart supports and glassed them directly to the hull for enhanced support.
Another view of the center thwarts being installed.

New outer rails all clamped in place.


Another shot of the new outer railed clamped on to the boat


The bow also needed to be completely reattached .


Fast forward, Here is the boat after repainting the inside and the floorboard installed.


Another shot after the boat was sprayed.


The bottom was repainted the original red.


And of course the new name was put on the stern.