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Projects – Teak Cockpit Grating

Gresham Marine can replace or restore your teak grating anywhere on your boat. These cockpit grates had been neglected for years and could not be restored and needed to be replaced. The four teak grates came out beautiful and sealed with oil. 

Teak cockpit grates
A before and after shot showing the old grating that has been neglected and the new replacement grating.


Teak cockpit grates
When building the grates, every joint need to be clamped and joined with epoxy.


Teak cockpit grates
Another angle of the glue and clamp up process.



Teak cockpit grates
This teak grate was also in the steering area and was held down with pins


Teak cockpit grates
This grate is located in the steering area and was secured to the floor.